Therapist suddenly licked his customer’s genital while working

Massage Parlor is a place where customers can relax and give their aching and tired bodies a break. Relaxation is the main goal a massage parlor is designed to achieve.

However, Massage Envy DC in Maryland is scaring away customers instead of giving them comfort.

A masseur in the said massage parlor is allegedly a sexual assailant who gives women customers a traumatizing experience.

Jane Doe, a customer of Massage Envy filed a sexual abuse lawsuit against Habtamy Gebreselassie, a masseur from the said company.

According to Doe, the 24-year-old masseur pulled off her towel and licked her vagina without any invitation, consent or warning. After he did so, he fell down on his knees to apologize but Doe did not fall for it.

The victim said that she was naked all throughout the massage session with the towel serving as her only cover. It was in the final 15 minutes of her 90-minute massage appointment that Habtamu assaulted her.

Doe further claims that although Habtamu apologized, he refused to leave the room despite her telling him over six times that they were done.

She then hurried to the police to report the assault case that occurred at the Massage Envy branch located in 4926 Wisconsin Avenue, NW, DC. She was given a ‘rape kit’ to test for possible acquisition of sexually transmitted diseases but the results are yet to be released.

Habtamu was arrested by the police and it was revealed that Doe isn’t his only victim.

Surprisingly, Habtamu was previously recorded with three sexual assault incidents. The Ethiopia native was however only charged on two alleged incidents.

Despite these assault claims against Habtamu, he was only moved to several branches by the Envy Massage Franchise – the mother company of the branch he is working for instead of firing him for good.

Given this fact, Doe requested for $25 Million worth of compensation for humiliation and distress from Habtamu and Massage Envy.

Investigations on Habtamu revealed that he is living with a woman but it was unclear if they are still together. He is now in jail without bond.

Meanwhile, Massage envy finally fired the Masseur they kept after multiple sex assault complaints. When media outlets tried to get their statement, they responded:

Source: Elite Readers