There’s a huge snake in this photo and 1 out of 10 can only see it. Can you?

The mere sight of a snake is already a terrifying experience to some people. Well, we can’t blame them given the peculiar appearance of a snake and the danger it poses to one’s life once it gets in contact or bites a human being. Its venom could easily kill even the strongest person there is.

In the ancient times, snakes can only be found in forests or parks but because of modernization, snakes somehow lost their natural habitat causing them to migrate somewhere else and their options include residential areas.

Just like this case in Australia where the residents of a home were shocked when they spotted a snake crawling freely in their garden. Can you spot the snake in this photo?

It turns out that theĀ snake that had slithered into the garden was none other than a Coastal Carpet Python. Though it is non-venomous, it is known to leave deep bites which cause excruciating pain, apart from the fact that it is a Python which can grow up to a length of 10 ft. They have been documented to have devoured small pets too, like a small dog or a cat which makes them a threat.

The house owner quickly calledĀ animal rescuers (Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7) who were able to reach there and safely remove the snake from the premises. Meaww reported that it was a win win for both the snake and the resident as both were safe from each other.

But were you able to spot the python? Well, let us help you out. Do you see the fence covered with climbers? It was snoozing right over there without a care in the world.

Here goes a closer look at the fence…

Were you able to spot the snake at a first glance? Or did it took too much of your time before finally spotting it?