Thief steals 800-m long road overnight in China

Nowadays, there are really some people who would be more than willing to do anything just to earn cash in a fast way without doing much effort. Thieves in particular are working this way, trying to take advantage of other people is their main goal.

This might have been the mindset of a certain daring thief in China who decided to steal a ‘road’ simply because according to him, ‘the road was not used often.’

In a report by Medium, on January 24th, residents of a village outside of Suqian city in Jiangsu province noticed that one of their roads had mysteriously vanished overnight. Villagers called in to police, wondering if this had something to do with construction work, however, police checked with the village committee and found that there were no resurfacing plans for the road.

When officers arrived at the village, they were stunned to find out that an 800-meter-long stretch of pavement was missing!

Through their effort, they were able to track down the culprit who was only known by the surname Zhu. The suspect says that he just got bored at home because he has nothing to do. He thought of a way to make quick money and realized that the answer was just laying around him.

Zhu said that hardly anyone ever used the road, so he decided to dig it up and sell away the raw materials.

In order to do this, Zhu hired a few trucks and an excavator and went to work overnight. The following day, he managed to sell the concrete rubble for 10 yuan a ton, pocketing 5,000 yuan for his trouble.

What Zhu did may be an insane feat but that what his only way of earning ‘quick money.’