They have been thinking that the dog is grieving for master who passed away until they notice what’s inside the HOLE

Dogs if taken cared well are so much helpful and good to their owners. There are even instances that they would risk their lives just to save their owners’ life. As they say, “Dogs are mans’ best friends”. They are just so sweet and loving if they have put up that trust to you as their owner.

Another video of a dog has gone viral after it was seen and thought to be grieving for its deceased owner. But not until they have seen what’s underneath.

The dog wasn’t actually grieving for its owner. It was hiding something beneath.

The dog was actually pregnant when he arrived at the cemetery. 

According to WatchZozo, the cemetery workers soon took notice of the puppies. They decided to help the family of stray dogs and they began feeding the mom first to gain her trust. At first, it was hesitant but eventually they have won her over and remove them from the cemetery.

They were then given a calm and stable environment and a shelter. The mother had eaten more and began feeding more milk to its babies. They were then examined by a veterinarian and determined to be healthy puppies after being vaccinated and de-wormed.

Watch the video here: