This Handsome Soldier Is Now Going Viral. Will You Let Him Catch You?

Some people tend to think that if you are a man with good looks, you are often pictured as an actor or a celebrity. Although this theory is proven to be slightly true, the guy we are going to feature will tell you that a good looking guy is not only found on your TV sets but also on the battlefield.

A Facebook user with the name Joseph Virgil has recently posted an album that features unidentified handsome soldier on his account.

The social media world went crazy when the set of photos were made public and immediately caught attention from many netizens, especially the girls.

As of this moment, the handsome soldier’s identity is still unknown. However, this doesn’t stop the netizen feasting on his almost perfect good looks. The post was accompanied by a caption: “UNYA’G SYA’Y MU-TOKHANG? KINSA’Y MAGPADAKOP?” referring to the ongoing war on drugs operation by the PNP.

The post has already garnered over 13, 858 shares on Facebook and is slowly going viral.