She thought she was lucky that day after seeing a P1000-bill on the sidewalk until she flips it

It’s safe to say that a lot of people like it when they see money just lying on the ground There are some people who are kind enough to return the money they found, but there are also some who likes to keep it for themselves, most especially when the amount is quite high.

That being said, one citizen with the name Amcie Cristine Tonio thought she hit the jackpot when she found a ₱1,000 bill while on her way to her destination.

She claimed that she was just walking on the streets when the bill caught her attention. According to Amcie, she can already see the blue colored bill as clear as day even it’s a bit farther from her current position.

Excited to pick up what she believed was a ₱1,000 bill, she quickly went and pick it up, but all her hopes were shattered when she finally have it on her hand.

The bill was nothing more than just a flyer with a message written that says: “Bes, hindi napupulot ang pera! Pero may madaling paraan para kumita.” Acmie thought she was lucky, until she realized that the paper she found was nothing more than just an advertisement for a certain Facebook page.

Her story brought laughs to many netizens and has earned multiple likes and 2,591 shares on Facebook. It goes to show you that money doesn’t grow on trees, furthermore it’s not found on the streets either.

SOURCE: Facebook / Amcie Christine Tonio