Thousands of fish take over an this abandoned mall in Thailand

The New World Mall in Bang Lam Pu Junction in Bangkok’s old town in Thailand was constructed in the 1980s, but was forced to close in 1997 because it failed to meet building safety regulations.

It was left unused for 2 years but in 1999, a fire broke out inside the mall that destroyed its roof.

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It was then that rainwater started to fill up the building, causing a major mosquito problem to residents near the mall.

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In their desire to get rid of the mosquitoes, the locals thought of a brilliant idea.

They introduced freshwater Tilapia to eat the insects. In addition to Tilapia, they also introduced Catfish, Coy fish, Gold fish, Mango fish, and Silver fish.

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The fish thrived, it quickly multiplied and they now fill the lower floors of the mall, swimming around rusty escalators and across the 5,000 square feet floor.

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Because of this unusual use of the building, tourists are starting to visit the New World Mall to see this amazing invention.

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Thanks to the visitors, the businesses around the mall also start to improve. Including local merchants who sell fish to consumers, outside of the mall.

From outside the mall, it is impossible to tell that there is a lake of fish inside and it is one of the lesser-known tourist attractions in Thailand

Throwing anything else into the subterranean lake is banned in order to protect the aquatic inhabitants.

Backpacker Jesse Rockwell, 30, stumbled across the deserted mall while travelling in Thailand.

He said: “It is quite bizarre – I was really surprised when I came across it. It is literally three blocks away from backpacker central, but nobody is even aware it is there.”

So, would you like to go ‘fish-watching’ inside a mall?

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