Thousands touched by this grade 11 student who is about to buy her new phone by a simple gesture

In this age of advancement in technology and gadgets, almost everyone is aiming to get their hands on the latest gadget packed with the newest feature. Some are even willing to spend a fortune just to be able to own their “dream” gadget and get the feeling of “acceptance” from the majority.

This student however begs to differ from the trend, instead, she considers the financial situation of her family first before herself.

In a post shared by a Facebook user named Lyse Detoyato who happens to be a seller of cellular phones, she says that she had a Grade 11 customer together with her father who happens to be looking for a phone with the price range of PHP 2,500 to PHP 3,500.

Lyse gladly offered various units that would fit her intended budget. At first, Lyse assumed that the said student would choose the most expensive unit that her father could afford which is PHP 3,500 since such unit has higher specs and even has a greater megapixel for the camera.

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However, as the student was checking the units, she would always give a sideways glace to her father as if assessing his reaction to every unit that she checks.

In the end, she chose the one with the least expensive price which was only PHP 1,500. Lyse looked at the student and smiled realizing that the student was only thinking of her father and she considers only what they could afford. She did not act like a brat and forced her father to buy the expensive one.

Many netizens were also touched by the story that the post went viral with over 10,000 reactions and 1,500 shares just 20 hours after it was posted.