Three guys fled a restaurant without paying, days later the owner received a letter

With all the scams people are experiencing nowadays, some find it hard to retain their faith to humanity. With all the problems that the world is facing, it’s just hard to understand why some people simply just take advantage of their fellow men like there’s nothing wrong about it.

However, despite these negative things that surround us, we are still blessed because we can still see even the smallest acts of kindness in the most unexpected places. Just like arriving home and finding out that the last piece of cake was specifically left for you, or discovering that you still have friends that you can call whenever you need them these are just examples of the miracles we experience everyday.

In Middlesborough, England, a restaurant owner was left baffled when 3 customers who were all men left the restaurant without paying. However, the owner was surprised when days later, he received a note form the 3 customers.

The three men actually had a dilemma because the restaurant would not accept their credit cards but required them to pay in cash. The trio then took off to try to locate a cash point, but the men, who weren’t actually from the area, soon realized that their last train home was due to depart very shortly. After becoming distracted by this knowledge, they hastily made their way to the nearest train station, completely forgetting that they hadn’t paid the bill for their food.

The restaurant owner named Apollo Apollinaire was really dismayed with what happened. However, something unexpected turned up in the post a few days later. It was a letter from the diners explaining the situation, and it included the money they owed in full. The note read;

“We exited Kilimandjaros to embark on a search for a A.T.M machine. On our search, it was apparent that the last train to our hometown was shortly about to depart. This diverted our attention away from finding an A.T.M machine and led to us running to the train station and just making our train. It was at this point, being too late, we realised our actions and decided to write this letter of apology with £40 enclosed in this envelope.”

Additionally, the diners apologized for being unable to deliver the cash and letter and person, and promised to give the restaurant a glowing, five-star recommendation on TripAdvisor.

Story originally appeared on Viral Thread