THUGLIFE: Owner of black vios steals attention from fancy cars by doing this in broad daylight

It’s sad to say, but some people’s dignity is no longer important in today’s world. Men who drive expensive cars can really attract more gold-digging girls. This may not applicable to all, but these sort of stories are now making it’s way to the social media.

This theory is according to a study by university professor and researcher Dr Michael Dunn of the University of Wales Institute in Cardiff. On that note, many psychologists also proved what car-dealers have boasted for generations, that having an expensive looking car is the key when it comes on turning a woman’s head.

A photo has been recently uploaded by the verified Facebook page of multi-media motoring journalist James Deakin which features a man and a woman who appeared to be making love inside a black Toyota Vios in broad daylight. This may be common car model for Grab and Uber, however this doesn’t change the fact that it is still a pretty good looking car.

The photo was originally uploaded by a Facebook user named JP Carino followed with a meme that says “DI KO KAILANGAN NG GTR“, referring to the fancy cars parked across the road.

A video was then later uploaded by one netizen showing the action transpired inside the “not-so tinted” car on the comment section. It may be just a glimpse of the said love-making, but it was enough to make the netizens react and give them a “standing ovation”

Some netizens find it hilarious, but some were angered by the inappropriate display.  You can see the full Facebook post below, along with the video showing a glimpse of the action found in the comment section of the post.