Tim Sawyer finds out that flight attendant is married, did this to apologize

Tim Sawyer is known for making other people happy because of his videos in social media. Recently, the video he uploaded just gone viral because of the beautiful Flight Attendant he called his baby. He was so amazed by her beauty that he wanted to know more about her. But things didn’t go right according to what was planned.

Many were happy on how he find ways to know the F.A. but others were really disappointed especially the F.A. herself. It’s not that he was rude on the video but the main concern of the netizens is because he didn’t ask any permission that he would take a video of her.

But Tim Sawyer immediately asked an apology about what he did and that he wanted to give the necessary privacy needed by the family again. He specifically asked sorry to the F.A. who was identified as Kathy Oblena. It so happened that Kathy is already married and already has a child.

His way of apology was done in a creative way but in most sincere way. Many were still in Tim’s side for asking sorry even if he didn’t mean everything that  he had done. He also stretched out his apology to the people who have been affected for what he had done.

Watch the video here: