Food waitress receives a tip of a lifetime after the death of her regular customer who scolds her everyday

When you work at a place like a fast-food or restaurant, you are just one of the people who has to deal with sorts people. Some them are nice and friendly, while some are just really hard to handle. Melina Salazar who worked for Luby’s for almost 16 years has encountered a bunch of “rude” customers.

A Luby’s regular customer, 89-year old and WWII veteran Walter Swords is one of the meanest customer Salazar has encountered in her 16 years of work. According to her, the other staff refused to serve the veteran due to its over the top rudeness. However, she managed to kept her calmness and was always patient no matter how mean he would be.

One day, they have noticed that Swords stopped coming and they find it unusual. Unfortunately, it was later found out that he already passed away. What Salazar didn’t know was that he mentioned her in his last will and left her with $50,000 and a car.

Apparently, she was the only one nice to Swords in the final days of his life. I suppose this is the best proof that it pays out to be kind.

See the full story in the video below.

H/T: Readers Fill