Toddler flipped and trapped himself in a mini pool for 72 seconds

Kids aren’t supposed to be left without adult supervision. In everything that they do, as kids as they are, they should always be looked after by an adult. Especially when they are playing and when they’re in a swimming pool.

A recent video of a toddler getting drowned in a swim ring goes viral. In the video, the child was left and later on flipped over and was trapped under water for at most 72 seconds.

The child was seen happily swimming with a pink inflatable in a pool.

A woman was seen on the video, but as soon as she walked out, the child flipped over.

The boy can be seen clearly struggling for an air and kicking his legs desperately.

When the staff realized what has happened, they rush over the child to pull him out of the water. 

The child becomes weaker after seconds of struggling under water, luckily, the boy didn’t lose his life.

Meanwhile, the business now faces serious questions surrounding the apparent negligence of their staff. And Local authorities did not say whether they would be investigating.

The boy’s parents are also yet to release a statement about their intentions.

SOURCE: Mirror