TOP OF THE WORLD: Couple Gets Married On Mount Everest After 3-Week Climb, And Their Photos Are Jaw-Dropping!

This is the definitely the most jaw-dropping wedding photoshoot you’ll ever see in your entire life because it’s literally at the peak of Mt. Everest. It involves 3-week climb at a base camp 17,000 feet above sea level for just an epic instagram wedding posts. Their friends and family didn’t make it up to the peak but an “adrenaline junkie wedding photographer” did!

The couple named James Sisson and Ashley Schmeider felt that a very traditional wedding ceremony wasn’t just enough to profess their love for each other so they decided to be the most adventurous couple in the world and do it on the highest mountain in the world instead. As you can probably guess, their wedding photos are undoubtedly jaw-dropping!

Photos courtesy of Charleton Churchill, Instagram.

James and Ashley spent a whole year preparing for this monumental expedition, getting fit and getting a strict diet. Accompanied by their very amazing photographer named Charleton Churchill, it took them a 3-week journey to reach the Base Camp Everest, where they finally screamed their “yes” despite of the harshest conditions present in the mountain. (Note that there are dead people along the track to the mountain, they are former hikers who failed to reach the peak and died in there).

These are the photos of the ‘century’ and it just gave us another proof that there’s nothing impossible for true love!


This kind of love is indeed very inspiring! Hoping that young lovers/couples will find their strength with each other as they face reality, yet uncomfortable but a worth-it life!

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Source: Bored Panda