Tourists posing on holy crosses condemned by Netizens

In the Catholic tradition, Holy Week is a sacred observance of Christ’s suffering and death in order to save us. It has been repeatedly emphasized by the church that we should observe it and reflect on what Jesus Christ has done for us. However, some people may have forgotten what is truly meant by the sacrifice of our Lord.

On April 13,  Mandaue City Mayor Luigi Quisumbing shared on his Facebook page a collage of photos sent to him by a friend. He captioned the photo by saying “Ok. This may be one of the worst things ever. Photo: sent by a friend. CTTO (Credits to the Owner).”

The photos show tourists posing on wooden crosses at a makeshift Golgotha mountain. Two women and two men can be seen happily posing as if imitating Christ’s position on the cross. As the photos spread online, netizens express their negative comments and angry reactions to the photo.

Senator Sherwin Gatchalian was among the several people who made comments about the posted photos. “This is so wrong. Where is this?” Gatchalian asked.

Rappler traced the photos to Facebook posts from 2012. They were taken after the Good Friday “Siete Palabras” (Seven Last Words) ceremony, the re-enactment of the crucifixion of Jesus, in Barangay Lourdes Northwest, Angeles City in Pampanga.

Angeles City Mayor Edgardo Pamintuan was saddened that the photos resurfaced on social media. In a message he sent to Rappler through text and Facebook Messenger, he said “After that unfortunate incident, wire fences were installed, and tourists were no longer allowed to get near the area of the solemn and sacred rite.”