Travel vlogger uncovers the dark secret behind the elephant riding tourism

In Thailand, most of the in demand business to tourists include elephants, or as they call it, the elephant tourism industry. May it be elephant riding, watching them perform or etc.

Christian LeBlanc, a travel vlogger based in Canada discovered an ugly truth that elephant tourism capitalists failed to tell tourists.

Christian was an exchange student, which answers why he is now based in Bangkok, Thailand.

In his vlog post, he tells the story of how he discovered the dreading truth behind elephant tourism who most people look forward to when they manage to book a trip to Thailand.

Before elephants could be given the chance to perform or be out in public, they have to go through a horrible process.

The ‘elephant crushing’ is the process by which elephants are trained for domestication. In a direct translation, the ‘elephant crushing’ means to split the elephant’s body from its spirit.

All images are courtesy of Lost LeBlanc Youtube video.

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This heart-crushing process starts with separating baby elephants form their mothers and they are kept in isolation for days or weeks.

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They are tied down, starved and beaten until their will to live is crushed. After this point, the elephant is ready for the tourism industry.

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Us tourists are unknowingly, by enjoying rides and performances support the heartless torture and abuse these elephants are suffering in order to provide us with enjoyment.

Fortunately, there are also animal activists who fight against elephant tourism industry. After all, elephants are still animals that are from the wild and that they should stay there so they could breed naturally and avoid being extinct.

Here is a video uploaded by Christian: