This trendy hairy swimsuit is taking the internet by storm

Different swim wears are can be seen in many areas and sometimes you would already find it hard to pick one for they all look nice. And sometimes we wanted to have that swimwear but it couldn’t be fitted on our own body. So most often, we would think to have someone else’ body just to have the swimwear we wanted.

It’s a kind of a funny thing because an enterprising company is offering swimwear – in the design traditionally worn by women – printed with a hairy male torso. These $44 costume, designed by Beloved Shirts, is available in different skin tones and has been shown off to the company’s 105,000 Instagram followers.

Hairy chest swimsuit designed by Beloved Shirts.

This ”Sexy Chest One Piece Swimsuit” comes with the slogan: ‘Make the pool boy say “WTF!”‘ and is the latest in a string of quirky designs from the company, whose own tagline is ‘Yep – they’re real!’ This costume is available in sizes from XS to XXL and is offered in ‘dark’ and ‘tan’.

Since it was uploaded, it had already a lot of comments from the netizens and some would even say they needed it in their lives and others would asked to have it in different shade. Some had a lot of fun looking at it.

The swimwear, called ‘Sexy Chest One Piece Swimsuit’ is digitally printed with the trunk of a hairy male. 


Others couldn’t still believe this swimwear to be true but it’s a real thing that can be purchased via the company’s website.

Source: Daily Mail