Truck spills load full of Eels after a road accident

Every will probably hate it when a scene from one of their favorite sci-fi or horror films come to life. We mean, who would ever want aliens or zombies go around the city with their green slime and take it over as if they own the place. Although there’s no way this could happen, having slime all over the place is a possibility.

Speaking of that, a truck carrying a bunch of slimy eel-like creatures overturned causing the container loaded with eels to spill all over the highway 101 just south of Depoe Bay in Oregon on Thursday July 13.

According to a man named Salvatore J. Tragale, he was unable to stop the truck, which then lead to the container spill, causing multiple cars to be heavily damaged. Fortunately, authorities claimed that no one was seriously hurt during the horrific accident.

The truck was said to have been traveling for Korea for the eel-like creatures to be delivered there, for Koreans find the slimy creatures to be an enjoyable meal.

Authorities have warned travelers to avoid the area for one lane of the highway was shut down due to the mess the accident caused and for them to clean it up as soon as possible. The Oregon State Police even joked about this and call it “Cleanup on aisle 101

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SOURCE: DailyMail