Two guys discovered two pipes sticking out in the middle of the forest and never expected to see underneath it when they found a way in

There are really people who would risk something out of curiosity. They wanted to experience some unusual things just to suffice the needs of their curiosity. But sometimes, curiosity killed the cat, wherein because of too much curiosity, harm may just come into you.

But to these two men from Germany, their curiosity was just answered. They were out of exploring the fields when they saw and found two pipes sticking up from the ground in the middle of nowhere. What they’ve found is simply fascinating.

Did You Know channel narrated how the two guys went on their way to find what’s behind the pipes. They have located the entrance of the pipes just 100 meters from the periscopes. It was covered with a wooden lead which was easy to remove by using a crowbar.

Underneath, the iron door would swing back and bottle lock was broken so, they couldn’t get trapped inside.

What they saw at first was an endless hospital like hallways which appeared several times along their way. They decided to keep going straight in order to avoid getting lost.

And this is what they saw when they turned left at the intersection. The narrow hole was filled with dirty water and there’s nothing to see there.

Along their way, at the second intersection, they’ve found like a clogged entrance covered in graffiti, a proof that they weren’t the first people to visit.

They’ve found out that the hallway wasn’t straight at all. It had several slide turns leading to another long hall to the left. They saw more random punches on the wall.

At this point, they were both uncertain if they should proceed or get the hell out of there. They noticed graffiti on the top right, the one on the left, translates to help.

A big yellow door came out of nowhere. They were expecting and hoping an exit or another dead end. They have no clue how single person or even couple people would be able to open those, since they seemed the heaviest bank volt doors.

There also wrote on this particular one yet it was hard to decipher.

Right next into one of the broken doors, it reads “exit number 2”.

On the next photo, they don’t know what’s it before, but probably for ventilation.

Proceeding onward, according to them, the graffiti clearly read, “Hallo satan I love you”.

They also decided to enter a corridor on the front left wherein the walls were massive and metal like. They noticed a red number 2211 on the left and a painting on the background.

As they go along, the doors seemed to be more and more destroyed.

When they passed a few corners along corridors, a flooded area was found.

Next into it, a bigger room was also flooded.

When they’re already heading back, They found a bulky jam, it was the biggest room so far, but only visible with little square holes on the wall.

Random gloves was found on one of the tiny gaps.

Random shoe was also found on the mud.

They have seen and captured a lot underneath until their camera went down and they just headed back to the entrance.

The two guys may really be satisfied out of their curiosity. But without them, we wouldn’t know what’s really underneath those pipes. There’s a story behind all of these things that they’ve found, and that would be for us to know more about it.

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