Two rich men on wealth stand off by ‘burning’ money at a party

Whether we like it or not, there really is an inequality that exists in today’s society. This inequality exists between the rich and the poor, the rich showing off their wealth in any way they could and the poor living solely with what little they have.

These two ‘rich’ gentlemen from China just took ‘showing off’ their wealth to a whole new level.

According to Medium, the two were part of a group of revelers who went out drinking recently in Anhui’s Tianchang County to celebrate one friend buying a new home. During the meal, they got into an apparently heated argument about which one of them was richer.

In order to settle the dispute between them, one suggested a so called “cash-burning” contest. A little while later, they started to take out 100-yuan bills and lit one by one on fire using a lighter. The footage did not indicate how much cash has ended up in smoke.

Seeing that such contest is such a unique sight, one of the party-goers took the initiative of taking a video. Later, it was uploaded on Chinese social media platforms, went viral, caused quite a stir and even managed to get the attention of local authorities.

The two men were investigated and it was decided that they should be fined the amount of 1,000 yuan for destroying a currency made by the government.

On the lighter side, let’s just assume such fine won’t hurt their bank accounts anyway as they have previously boasted that they are in fact, “rich” men.

Watch the whole video below: