Uber driver returns lost phone to his female passenger with flowers and food

The Uber car transportation is now the preferred transportation by many because of its fast and reliable rides in minutes, may it be day or night. Commuters no longer have to wait for a taxi or bus because they can just have an easy access on it. Uber company then release their so-called Uber stories or #Uberstories as their way to connect to the customers about their experiences with the service and drivers.

A netizen then shared her experience how she accidentally forgot her phone on one of her Uber rides. Luckily, the phone was returned to her by the driver. But the story is not just about her phone being returned, also about how netizens get instant kilig with the effort given by the driver.

Twitter user @__cklucas tweeted two photos with the driver who returned her phone but also gave her a bouquet of flowers and some donuts!

had troubled the driver, but still given some flowers and donuts.

Netizens then have another plot twist of their story.

But their story has no any development yet as told by the source. This is indeed one of a kind #Uberstory.