Unbelievable! This Potato is on sale for $1,000,000

Do you still remember a common Filipino expression that if you have no job or anything that would bring you money, some would say, “Magbalat ka na lang ng patatas!”  (Just peel off potatos instead!) And also, expressions like this were popularized by Princess Sarah Potato Memes, depicting how the character of Sarah in the said TV program was oppressed by her ‘riches-to-rags’ story.

But this potato issue is extremely different. According to the article of Elite Readers, this potato photo was captured by Kevin Abosch, a visual artist known primarily for super fast portraits of high-profile Silicon Valley executives and celebrities, stated in January 2016 the deal was made through a German businessman over some informal ‘dinner’ and a ‘few glasses of wine’ last 2015. According to one of the staffs of Abosch studio, Kevin has photographed so many potatoes but they witness that this one is his favorite among all.

And as stated by CBN, if verified, the sale would rank the potato photo the 15th most expensive one ever sold, will be in a list that includes famous photo artworks by Andreas Gursky (“Rhein II” for $4,338,500 and “99 Cent II Diptychon” for $3,67 million), Cindy Sherman (“Untitled #96” for $3,890,500), Edward Steichen (“The Pond–Moonlight” for $2,928,000). Amazing isn’t it?

Here is the “Potato #345 (2010)” which was an art created by the world’s renowned photographer Kevin Abosch. Presenting, the “million dollar potato!”

It is really an art where some unexpected photography subjects like a simple potato could make very big difference. What a wonderful world of art and photography! And potatoes too!

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