Vice Ganda gets angry at an insensitive post of a girl about the death of Hashtag Franco

Following the sudden death of Franco Hernandez, one of the members of It’s Showtime’s all male group called Hashtags, Netizens have expressed their sadness toward the unforeseen event and also gave their condolence to Franco’s bereaved family.

Jose Marie Viceral, or better known by his stage name, Vice Ganda is one of the first celebrities to express his feelings toward the untimely death of Franco especially that they have worked together as hosts of It’s Showtime.

Vice Ganda posted a photo on Instagram indicating that he was heartbroken over the death and also took his Twitter account saying that he wishes that the news heard about Franco was just fake news.

While others are trying to comfort Vice during this trying time. One Netizen tweeted such an insensitive remark that made the comedian furious.

Here is the controversial tweet:

Vidrain reported that Vice Ganda retweet Pia’s post several times and said that she must wait for him to get back from the Philippines and she must say her tweet to him personally. His post gone viral and many netizens got furious about the user’s tweet.

Jon Lucas is another member of the Hashtags and as of writing time, Pia Kim already deleted the controversial tweet and made her account private without saying her apology to Vice and to all the other Netizens who were offended by her insensitive remark.

As we can recall, Vice and his other co-hosts on It’s Showtime are in New Zealand on Sunday because they attended the wedding of Anne Curtis and Erwan Heussaff.