Vice Ganda makes fun of this korean guy, it turns out to be Sandara Park’s manager

Vice Ganda is known to be a great comedian and doesn’t fail to make people laugh every time he cracks up a joke. Nonetheless, he usually makes fun of her subject just to pull out some laughs from the audience, but recently Vice might made a huge mistake after making fun of this Korean native.

In one episode of ABS-CBN’s noontime show “It’s Showtime” Vice Ganda spotted a Korean man sitting on the crowd and immediately fired some jokes regarding the man’s weird hairstyle.

Ang taray ng bangs ni kuya parang pinrotractor oh” – Vice said.

Moments after, Vhong Navarro informed him that the man he was making fun of is Sandara Parks’ manager. This information then shocked Vice and made a quick recovery by saying that he actually liked the bangs as he had the same one before.

The show’s co-host Ryan Bang also confirmed that the guy was also  the big boss of YG Entertainment, a South Korean entertainment company that handled many Korean stars. Vice then once again emphasized how much he liked the Korean’s bangs and continued to flirt.

Although many members of the audience were laughing about the joke, there were also some who got furious about the offensive joke and expresses their thoughts online.

Despite of all the criticism, there are also some fans who defended the comedianfrom the bashers and said the Korean was also laughing and seemed to be fine with the joke.

You can watch Vice cracking up his joke in the video we provided below.

Source: Kami