Video of a man showing OFW wife’s money on Facebook goes viral

Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) are considered to be the modern heroes of the Philippine economy. The sacrifices they made just for the sake of his/her own families better being. Having said that, a video on Facebook went viral that really caught the attention of many netizens on social media.

A man named Reynaldo Pepito posted a video on his Facebook account that shows him presenting every money his wife has sent from being an Overseas Filipino Worker in Kuwait. But beside him receiving a huge amount of money from his wife, he claims that no money can ever replace a loved one working abroad.

In the video he posted, he expressed his thanks to his wife and wishes her well while working overseas and not to worry about her family. Moreover, he also said that all the money she sent will be there by the time she comes back from abroad and that misses her so bad.

The video has already reached mainstream and is now going viral on social media. However, the man received some criticism by exposing the money and show it off on social media.

As of this writing, the video has already earned 956, 346 views on and has been shared 21, 840 times on Facebook.