Villagers worked together to save a pregnant cow from a hungry Anaconda

“In unity, there is strength” may be an old and cliche saying considering that it has been repeatedly used in the past. However, this group of villagers just proved that such saying is still applicable in the modern time. Especially in this particular moment where they were challenged to step up in order to save an animal that has been a part of their daily lives.d

In a video that recently went viral online, a hungry 13-foot Anaconda seemingly found its perfect prey on a pregnant cow who was having a day time bath in a swamp in Venezuela. Seeing his chance, the reptile quickly wrapped its giant body onto the cow and made an effort to squeeze the mammal to its death.

However, the reptile was unaware that there were villagers looking out for the cow. Around 9 people rushed to the scene and decided to fight the anaconda in order to save the cow. They fought with the giant snake by striking it with a stick.

The footage with over 11 million views as of writing time showed that the anaconda even tried to cling to its prey for an hour before it gave up and released the poor animal.

After moving away from its prey, the snake made its way to the grass but the villagers did not let the reptile just get away easily. According to Elite Readers, one of the villagers took charge of pressing the head of the reptile with a thick stick while the others were making an effort to pull the snake from its tail.

Towards the end of the video, it seems that the snake lost both its prey and its life.

Watch the thrilling video below: