VIRAL: Absent-minded female passenger takes fares in behalf of driver and gives change

With the trend of multitasking, people are bound to be thinking of a few things at the same time that they are oftentimes left absent-minded and have no perception of the reality but only think about the issues at home or at work.

Being preoccupied, however could lead to either embarrassing, hilarious or a really tough situation. This is exactly what happened to Facebook user named Armin Sta. Maria who didn’t realize what she is doing inside a Public Utility Jeepney.

Viral 4 Real reported that Armin sat on the seat beside the driver and didn’t realize that she was accepting fares and giving out change in behalf of the driver. She absentmindedly accepted the fare handed over by a passenger and gave the change. The driver laughed at her, this was the time when she realized what she has done.

In the Philippines, the usual set-up is that a family member of the driver sits beside him and is the one responsible for receiving money and giving change to passengers. Another reason for this practice is so that the driver could concentrate on just driving the jeepney.

Armin was neither a family member or someone close to the driver.

Armin took to Facebook to share her embarrassing yet hilarious experience. It instantly became viral with more than 17,000 reactions, almost 2,000 comments and was even shared for more than 4,000 times and still increasing as of writing time. Netizens were laughing at what Armin has done and also said that the driver reacted in the right way.