VIRAL: Limited edition “Valentines panty” with hilarious design goes for sale

Valentine’s Day, also called Saint Valentine’s Day or the Feast of Saint Valentine or sometimes even called Hearts Day is one of the most celebrated occasions all over the world. Restaurants, Cafes, fast food chains and even convenient stores see to it that their walls are decorated with hearts all over to signify the celebration of the love month.

All throughout the years, the Valentine’s Day celebration also evolved from just a simple exchange of letters to parents to giving of flowers, chocolates or any form of gift to your partner. This is why there are various promo packages that often include a set of flowers, chocolates or any other gift that may be appropriate during Valentine’s day.

Just like this recent ‘For Sale’ offer from the Facebook Buy and Sell group called Hachi’s Buy and Sell. The up for grabs item is called the “Valentine’s Panty.”

Well, as you may have expected, the said item is nothing short of extraordinary. Simply because its design is the uniquest one you will ever see.

Here’s a photo of the “Valentine’s Panty”:

The said post also says that the product is a available for a limited time only as there are only limited stocks. In addition, it also comes in a cheap price. For only PHP 200 and an additional PHP 50 for shipping fee, you can already get your hand on the “Valentine’s Panty”.

The post went viral with over 4,000 reactions, 1,000 comments and more than 600 shares as of writing time.

See the full post here: