VIRAL: Loyal guy asks female friends on Facebook to unfriend him because GF might get angry

We are all dreaming of ‘perfect’ relationships in life that are grounded on loyalty and faithfulness. However, in today’s generation of technological advancement, finding a ‘partner’ under this standard is seemed to be impossible. But, this guy is definitely a different one. He is a real man. And here is his story.

In a public post made by a netizen named Jahz Navarra, she posted a screenshot of a short but indeed ‘controversial’ and ‘intriguing’ conversation of her boyfriend JM Prudente and his FB friend. Netizens have positively reacted to this post and even shared it to their own walls, tagging their love ones to be of the same fidelity from the example of the man.

Here is the said caption made by Ms. Jahz Navarra in her post:

He’s the ‘unfriend mo na ko, magagalit gf ko’ in this world full of ‘text mo na lang ako, baka makita ng gf ko.

As of the posting of the said screenshot, it has already garnered an amazing 15K shares and 14K reactions! It undoubtedly made the couple an instant celebrity.

Many young couples and even those old ones are lacking this sense of clear fidelity and faithfulness. They are being blinded by the worldly temptations and easily give up to these. They are carelessly falling into the traps that commonly resulted to broken hearts and shattered homes.

But, this story of the loyal and faithful man has given us another hope that love will still make its way and will still prevail amidst of all of these temptations.

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H/T: Viral is Real