Viral video shows Ellen Adarna, Baste Duterte kissed and hugged each other

Elen Adarna has already faced a lot of issues about her personal life and love life. She is always judged by many, but one thing good in her, is she didn’t mind all of those and just continue living her life according to what she wanted it to be.

She has been linked to Baste Duterte and that many photos and videos will prove that they’re really going out together. But that issue immediately subside after their said-to-be break up was reported in many news. After their break up, they said that they’re still good friends and still going out sometimes.

But last June 17, 2017, The Cebuano band Rio shared their Facebook video clip about Elen Adarna who was serenade by Baste Duterte with the visayan song “Pero Atik Ra” (Pero Biro lng).

In the video, it was seen that after singing the song, Duterte went straight to the sexy actress Elen Adarna and they immediately hugged each other. Moments later, they gave each other a kiss which results howling to the people in there.

This is now going viral because of many views and shares done by netizens. This is why Elen really don’t mind what other people would tell her and would just show herself in public without hesitations.