Viral video shows how mercenaries engage with a deadly gunfight against Somali pirates

According to the Oceans Beyond Piracy (OBP), the piracy (or more likely the pirates) in the Indian Ocean has been a great threat to the international trade and shipping industries since the 2nd leg of the Somali Civil War in the first part of 21st century. An approximately $7 billion cost of shipments and important cargo items are being hijacked by the said pirate group.

Some of the ships which were captured and/or hijacked by these pirates group are the MV Feisty Gas, a liquefied petroleum gas/LPG tanker, the MV Semlow, a cargo ship carrying UN food supplies for typhoon victims, and many more. The piracy in Somalia is indeed a big problem to the economy of the world.

Just this April, a new video of a ‘bloody’ encounter between the notorious Somali pirates and private US security guards just became viral on the social media. The private security guards, whom were hired to protect the cargo shipments, immediately fired at the pirates. This has caused them to be at the ‘defensive mode’ in the exchange of bullets.

According to some researches, the said cargo shipments are fuel from Djibouti. It is being transferred to Mogadishu, the capital of Somalia.

The said viral video posted on Youtube by Humans at Sea has already garnered almost 12 million views.

Source: Elite Readers