Visual Effects artist attracts 2 million buyers after creating an EPIC video selling his old car

These days, selling your products is as simple as posting a status on Facebook. In just a few clicks, you can easily post a photo of the product you are trying to sell. With websites like OLX or even various social media platforms now in function, our creative buds have gone for a toss.

Now, one person with a name Eugene Romanovsky decided to sell his old SUV online. However, his presentation was way more advanced than just your typical “just post a photo” style that everyone does.

Using his incredible visual effect skills, the Israel-based Latvian guy car seller has made an awesome kick-ass 2 minute video showcasing everything that his trusty old 1996 Suzuki Vitara can do.

From racing with the dinosaurs to driving underwater with giant sea animals and even featured in the 2015 blockbuster movie Mad Max: Fury Road. It’s not at all surprising that the advertisement he created spawned over 2 million views and was recently uploaded on YouTube.

From the ability of his car to conquer the desert.

Driving with prehistoric dinosaurs

Driving through an avalanche


Even on the surface of the moon.

Witness this epic and out of this world product advertisement on the YouTube video we provided for you below.

SOURCE: BoredPanda