WATCH: Brand new Nissan Navarra fell off in docking area of Sibulan port

With most families visiting the grave of their relatives on the first day of November, it can’t be denied that some travel a long distance from one place to another in order to pay a visit to the grave of their loved ones.

This family, however met an unfortunate incident while traveling.

At Sibulan port in Dumaguete, a car with a whole family on board fell from the docking area. ABS-CBN reported that the driver of the car accidentally stepped on the gas pedal instead of the brakes while the car was trying to maneuver its way to a barge going to Cebu.

No injury or death was reported that was related to the unfortunate accident.

According to Sibulan Traffic Division, the car was on its way to the barge when it suddenly gained speed and went all the way down to the side of the port. This moment was captured on camera and was shared on social media by the Facebook page, Pasig City Natin.

Here is the video:

The part of the sea where the car fell was 3 feet deep. The passengers inside the car was rescued by the onlookers and employees of the port.

In a video shared by The Filipino Insights Facebook page, it can be seen that the people are trying their best to rescue the passengers by helping them to get out of the car. The page also said on their caption that there were also children who were rescued on the process.

Take a look at the full video of the rescue operation below: