WATCH: Man tries to cross over telephone wire to avoid paying hotel bill

In this world, there are really people who are only good at having debts but never at paying them. It seems that they are even willing to go through anything just to avoid paying for what they owe.

In Guizhou, China, a man was so desperate to avoid paying his hotel bill that he even tried to cross over telephone wires in between buildings.

The incident attracted a lot of onlookers who are more than willing to document what is happening.

The still unnamed man reportedly climbed up from his hotel room window and began to cross the telephone wires leading to another building. He probably thinks that he could actually avoid paying if he does so.


Instead of being able to get away unscratched, the man probably became more humiliated when he became the center of attention of onlookers who videotaped what he was doing and posted it on social media.

Maybe the man had seen so many spy and action movies which led him to believe that it was easy to cross a telephone wire!

Police called the man ‘lucky’ because he could have easily died if he accidentally touched any live wires. Luck was really on his side because he managed to go through the live wires and made it out alive.


However, maybe his luck wasn’t enough because the cops are waiting for him at the bottom while the firefighters rescued him form his predicament.

The man was sent to jail and is now facing appropriate charges for what he did.

Meanwhile, we can only hope that he doesn’t do anything stupid again like – escaping from jail by going through telephone wires.

Watch the video here:

Source: Rachfeed