WATCH: Slap scene of Erich Gonzales and Lovi Poe turned real

Actors and Actresses are very good in what they do that we often almost believe their quarreling scenes to be real, especially when it was preceded by a heated argument.

Contrary to our popular belief, it seems that sometimes, actresses and actors can somehow be carried away by their feelings and their scenes could turn to reality.

Just like what happened to Erich Gonzales and Lovi Poe recently. The two are now working on a film entitled, ‘The Significant Other” together with their leading man, Tom Rodriguez.

Reportedly, the shooting of the film was postponed because of the incident.

In the scene that they are filming, the girls’ characters are supposedly competing in a fashion event. However, everyone in the set was shocked when the scene turned real.

Erich Gonzales obtained a wound on her fingernail, while Lovi Poe immediately asked for forgiveness from Erich. Lovi suddenly turned her back to treat her swollen neck.

According to people who are present during the taping, there is no specific reason as to why the actresses would hurt each other.

A video of the controversial slap scene was captured by Facebook user, Ahwel Paz which he shared to netizens.

The video gained various reactions from netizens. Some were shocked and others sympathize with the actresses, saying that they should take extra caution when taping such scenes. Others also say that it is only part of a publicity stunt to make their movie more popular.

It is also possible that the actresses were just carried away by their very strong emotions.

Watch the video here:

Paz also shared a video on his instagram featuring Erich Gonzales with her bleeding finger and blood in her gown.

Watch the video here:

Sources: RMN, Facebook/ Ahwel Paz