Wedding crasher steals the newlyweds gifts, left a MESSAGE with a smiling face

Every woman in the world dreams about the ‘perfect’ wedding for her. This is why most brides-to-be are really hands-on in terms of the preparation for their wedding. From the minute details of the cake, flowers to be used and even the list of invited guests, they always see to it that everything is prepared so the whole ceremony will go smoothly.

However, this certain bride from Florida just had her worst nightmare happen during her supposed to be unforgettable wedding day.

Marilyn Shuman held her wedding reception at Sunset Grill at Little Harbor in Ruskin, Florida. Before the start of the reception, she spotted an unfamiliar face in the crowd.

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After continuing to stare at the unknown guest, the woman then approached Marilyn and told her she was checking out the the venue on her daughter’s behalf. The woman’s story began to change as she circulated the room; she told some guests she was there “looking for her husband” and others that she was actually invited.

In a report by Little Things, as the reception came to a close, Marilyn and her husband went to collect their wedding gifts. They were shocked to find that the table was empty. Thinking that it one of their relatives could have collected the gifts, the couple just went on their way.

But, a disturbing thought came to Marilyn’s mind, she remembered the strange woman she saw just before the start of the reception. She asked the staff to review the security cameras and it was then that they found out what really happened.

The wedding crasher was a thief who pulled off the unthinkable, or so she thought. Luckily for Marilyn, the criminal made one crucial mistake that the newlywed hoped would “seal her fate.”

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She left a photo of herself smiling in their guestbook with scribbled note saying: “Thanks for letting (me) share your special day!”

Watch a video of the said incident here: