Wife surprises husband with his dream car, and his reaction is beyond compare!

Perhaps, it is every man’s dream to get their hands on their dream car. Some even save most of their salary just to put together a certain amount of money to afford the car of their dreams.

But, what if the certain type of car that you’ve been dreaming of comes to you as a surprise gift? To describe the feeling as if you were “floating on Cloud 9” is such an understatement.

So, we can only imagine how this husband must have felt when his beloved wife surprised him with an awesome gift – his dream car, the Mclaren.

In their Youtube channel named, Mr&MrsLaVigne, Dee LaVigne surprised her husband, Jerry with such a very unexpected gift that Jerry could not believe what his eyes are seeing.He even dared to slap his own face just to ensure that he is not dreaming, that he really is now an owner of a Mclaren.

The Mclaren company is famous for its production and manufacture of sports and luxury cars, usually produced in-house at designated production facilities.

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The Yellow Mclaren or the Mclaren P1 specifically costs about $260,000 or roughly PHP 13,000,000. The McLaren P1 name is inspired by Formula 1. P1 refers to ‘first place’ or ‘position one’. The name, historically, can also trace back to the McLaren F1 – initially known internally within McLaren as Project 1, or P1.

No wonder why it costs quite a fortune. Surely enough, Jerry wouldn’t want to get his hands off his Mclaren P1 even just for a moment.

Take a look at the full video of the surprise here: