Will you be able to spot the cat in this sea of owls?

Puzzles or any other type of game that challenges our sense of sight and brain coordination have always fascinated people from all walks of life and of all ages. These particular brain teasers always provide a great deal of enjoyment and satisfaction to anyone. Most especially if among a group of friends, you were the only one who was able to spot that key piece.

This particular photo is an excellent example of such kind of brain teaser. There is only one cat hidden in this sea of owls. While the two animals look different in real life, this photo just shows that they can look ‘similar’ when illustrated by great artist.

While there are others who can easily spot the cat in this photo, we can’t deny the fact that there are also many who find it quite hard to spot the cat that they even find themselves struggling. This particular puzzle has been passed around the Internet like hotcakes because of the inherent difficulty involved.

According to Goodfullness, working on puzzles can be a lot of fun and it also allows us to boost our brain power. Did you know that puzzle solving actually provides us with a great method for strengthening the connection between the brain’s cells? Puzzles also serve to increase the creation of new relationships between our brain’s cells and these are benefits that cannot be ignored.

So, were you able to spot the cat hiding in the sea of owls?

If you were still unable to see it, here it goes.

So, all this time it has always been just there. If the cat could have said a word, it could have already shouted its location just to stop you from struggling.

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