“I will be called by my alma mater to render a graduation speech”, sister of fallen cop in Marawi shares brother simple ambition

Each one of us has our own dreams in life. We are dreaming of something which will define who we become in the future. Some just easily reached their dreams, for they all have what they need, especially money. But many are really dreaming for something which is somehow very hard for them to reach because of some not favorable circumstances.

This guy named Fredie Solar is one good example who really dreamed of something big for himself and his family in the future. And yes, he was able to reach them. He was able to make his family very proud of him. But just recently, at the Marawi attack, his family lost him.

Solar’s sister, Susan Solar Urbano made a heartfelt post dedicated to her fallen brother and shared some of his dreams to the reading public. Read it below:

Marawi Fallen Cop, a Baguio boy!
“I will be successful! Someday, I will be called by my alma mater to render a graduation speech. I will inspire all the graduates!
This was what he told me before he entered Philippine National Police Academy (PNPA) in Cavite. He was a young man with a dream. He dreamed to be successful. He dreamed to uplift his family from the hard life that we experience.
While growing up, life was hard. Our father can hardly make ends meet. Oftentimes, we go to our neighbors and ask for sayote tops or camote tops just to have something to eat. We begged at the store to lend us rice just so we can cook something. Life was really hard but this did not stop my brother to pursue his calling and achieve his dreams. He experienced hardship and this became his bread and butter to achieve his goals in life.
Through hard work and determination, he was able to graduate in PNPA Sansinirangan class of 2007. Our father never had the chance to see him graduate but we know that he is proud of him. After graduation, he was assigned in Mindanao. For numerous times, we have pleaded for him to come back in Baguio. We have asked him to apply for re-assignment at any other place in the Philippines except Mindanao. At first, it was just patriotism that drove him to be in there. And as days and years passed, he still ignored our request to work for his re-assignment but he always assured us that it is safe there. He said, the people there respects him and this was enough for him to stay. He has come to love the people of Marawi.
But just last night, at the Marawi siege, in the hands of heartless terrorists, we LOST him. He died defending the people that he has come to protect. We lost a humble, kind hearted, determined brother who we dearly love, all for the sake of the country. This is really heartbreaking for all of us. My tears just keeps on flowing and it just wouldn’t stop since last night. I just can’t describe the pain I’m feeling right now. He dedicated his life for our country. He left behind his loving wife and 2 very very young children.
I am filled with deep sadness which I have never known existed before. Is his life worth it? Why did this happen? How will his family be without him? Why him? Why Lord?
We have a lot of questions but we cannot find the answer. We can only lift everything to God. My brother may not have attained his goal to be a guest speaker at his alma mater but one thing is for sure, we know that his alma mater is proud of him, and we will always be proud of him!
So long dear brother. You fought well. You may now rest in peace Police Senior Inspector Fredie Solar!
We love you always!

Salute to Police Senior Inspector Fredie Solar and a  heartfelt sympathy for his family.