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Will Project Managers Make Great RTEs?

As Agile continues to evolve, new characters are emerging in order for businesses to scale agile. Among the very popular Agile climbing frameworks is that the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe). The SAFe frame defines a layered method of scaling Agile to tackle common and conventional organizational challenges. However, does this make the more conventional roles redundant?

The RTE functions as an ultimate Scrum Master (SM), so will share lots of the characteristics of a Scrum Master. Although, unlike the normal SM whose chief focus is really on the group, the RTE will interact with many levels of their organization. You can get top RTE certification via

To work, the RTE should have developed a much more elegant and wider knowledge of how Agile and SAFe deliver value to your organization. An excellent RTE not only knows the bases of Agile and SAFe, but adopts an abysmal mindset.

The Project Manager role has also been accommodated over time as more firms are embracing Lean-Agile fundamentals and principles. Recognizing and receiving your teams to succeed is prioritized as a paramount requirement for big businesses. Therefore, powerful communication is essential for linking the numerous stakeholders, customer, other project supervisor, project groups, direction, and the whole business.

New era Job manages respect Agile principles
The hard truth is that with the exclusion of these SAFe ceremonies, the part of an RTE focuses chiefly on soft skills.

We’ve Got all worked with individuals that have good;

  • Communication
  • Adaptability
  • Proactiveness
  • Capability to step in to fill openings
  • Builds trust and enables teams area to prosper
  • Have an”Agile Mindset”
  • Great negotiator and facilitator

It’s the people who have these traits which needs to be encouraged to pursue the function of Release Train Engineers.

Both functions are combined in their battles in supplying Predictability, handling dependencies, forecasting merchandise delivery and striking that the most important balance between leading Agile teams whilst also enabling, encouraging autonomy inside the groups.