Woman accuses conductor of harassment despite her decent outfit

Sexual harassment happen more often now in different places. Women always have the tendency of this case when they think they’re wearing something too revealing and provoking. And sometimes people would blame them for wearing clothes which will allow also the suspect to be tempted.

But now a netizen has proven that no matter how decent your clothes are and how decent you wore them, if you’re with a pervert person then you have nothing to do about it. The netizen shared her horrible experience of sexual harassment while riding on a bus and a pervert kept staring creepily at her.

In her viral Facebook post, Rakkie Jucutan shared a photo of her #OOTD (outfit of the day). An evidence that she was wearing a modest combination of T-shirt and pants. It was clear that she was wearing a decent kind of dress during that day.

This was the picture of a guy who was staring creepily at her while they were on a bus.

She has this caption together with her post that gone viral:

“Oh! Diba?! Kahit anong suot mo, kung manyak ang makakasama mo, wala ka talagang magagawa!! Ilang beses sya tingen ng tingen sakin! Talagang sinisilip pa ako! Fyi mga teh!! Kundoktor din sya! Oh diba?! If i know, walang mali sa suot ko. Isa pa, ano man ang suotin ko wala kayong karapatan mag manyak! At gumawa nf kung ano anong kabalasubasan!”

Whether you’re wearing a decent dress or not if you’ve encountered perverts like this guy, it is advisable enough that you fight for your right against them. This kind of behavior should be stopped and not be allowed to happen again. We all deserve to be respected