Woman accuses police intel of threatening to kill family and “plants” shabu in exchange of she won’t give him “ORAL job”

There are already many recorded negative and illegal cases involving police officers. These cases are usually related with them, taking advantage on their positions and ranks. Some were even involved in wrong firing and rape-cases incidents. But many are still doing their job well and maintaining the respect for their professions.

But just recently another policeman had made negative record on his name. He was already identified by the police for the wrong doings that he had made. He was said to allegedly had the woman for a bl0w j0b(BJ) and threatened to plant “shabu” drugs and to kill them.

According to the interview by the RMN Iloilo reporter (the guy wearing blue in the picture below), the 32-year-old woman positively pointed out and identified the Police man whom she said asked her to do a bl0w j0b for him.

RMN reporter(left) holding an interview with the victim(right)

The victim is already a widow after her husband died at a drug operation of the police of La Paz. It was known, when her husband died, the suspect asked for the victim’s number and promised to give her cellphone after knowing she doesn’t have one, but the victim didn’t accept his offer.

According to the woman, she bumped into someone  in a foot walk and thought he was her neighbor, but she was shocked that the man was actually a police officer and Intel and told her to go to their house. After reaching the victim’s house, the police then told her to turn off their cellphone for a buy-bust operation.

RMN reporter doing an interview with the victim

The victim’s children and sibling cried because of fear. The suspect then had the woman at the second floor of the house and had what he wanted successfully. He had the woman to BJ him. After doing such thing, the police man then left but threatened everyone to be killed if will report to the police.

The woman felt so much fear, and because of shame and trauma they got from him, she made a stand and reported the incident.

The 32-year-old victim is now waiting for the medical result in order for her to file a rape and sexual assault against the Police. The victim and her family are  asking for protection from the PNP for she said, there are people who are coming to their place and were asking where she lives.

Source and Photo Credits: RMN Iloilo