Woman admits cheating on “GOOD BOY” boyfriend for being boring

In today’s generation, if your relationship reached 1 year of being together, then you must be lucky you stayed together for a while. That’s according to the millennials who are into a relationships which are easily broken. They are fun of saying, “maghihiwalay din kayo” to those couple who are sweet and strong about their relationship.

They are saying that boys aren’t contented with one girl, so you better be careful in finding a guy to be in a relationship. Some kind of a gender bias perhaps, but what if you’ve seen a girl who aren’t contented with one guy, would you degrade her for being like that?

One girl had confessed about her boyfriend which she termed as boring. She shared how boring her boyfriend is that’s why she find someone much better as she say.

Read her full confession here:

With the things she shared about, many netizens got mad and felt irritated with her. They were in the side of her good boyfriend. A guy like him is seldom found in today’s generation, so why exchange him for someone worst? Better tell him the truth than making him blind for everything that’s no longer good.

Good man may be boring, but at least they’re the man with respect and would love you ’till the end.

SOURCE: Carbreezy