Woman asked her husband to continue flowering her plants as her dying wish, he later found out it was “FAKE”

In a relationship, it is always considered a plus point if one of the parties has a great sense of humor. As they say, laughter is the best medicine. While it is a given fact that married life can get tiring and boring at the same time, it is somehow a good balance if humor is added into the relationship.

However, some jokes or pranks that are hilarious can also get too far just like in the story of this husband and wife. When Nigel’s wife Phedre passed away five years ago, the man did not know how he was going to go on. All he knew was that he had been given a final request.

Phedre asked her loving husband to water the plants in the bedroom of their home after she was gone. The man followed her wishes for several years and thought nothing of it. One day, it was finally time for Nigel to move into a retirement community. Antonia, his daughter, alerted him to one crucial fact about the plants that had never dawned on him.

They were actually made of plastic! Poor Nigel.

The realization was really funny that instead of being reminded of Phedre’s unfortunate death, Nigel can now smile again everytime he comes to think of his late wife. After all, he still fulfilled being an obedient husband even after the death of his wife.

Meanwhile, Goodfullness reported that Antonia decided to share the story with her followers on Twitter. Nigel was such a good sport about the whole thing, he even watered the plants one last time so that his daughter could have a fun photo op.