Woman claims hanging out with ex while BF is busy working

Many girls and boys would admit they won’t be friends with their ex-lovers anymore. But there are some who are happily being friends with their ex-lovers. Some would even find it weird to have conversation with their ex while other find it like nothing had gone wrong and they’re still very good friends.

Many would post on their Facebook account how bitter they are about their ex but a this post shared by Carbreezy caught a lot of attention from the netizens. The female Facebook user posted a photo hanging out with her alleged ex-lover.

Her caption and reason about the picture was so intriguing for the netizens and that made a lot of reactions and shares about her post.

See picture and caption here:


This post garnered different comments telling that the girl don’t deserve any love from her boyfriend. Others would say negative things about how bad the girl is. And some even had made fun with their comments. Read their comments below:

Of course nobody knows if she is just kidding. Who would post a photo with her ex on social media while boyfriend is busy with his work?