Woman decided to quit going to church due to behavior of other worshipers, changed her mind immediately after the priest ask her to do this

Nowadays, people have been pre-occupied by their daily struggle to survive in the concrete jungle world that some often forget the value of casting all your fears to the Lord and letting him be in charge of your life.

Human as we are, we tend to look at others all the time and we can’t help but compare ourselves to them. May it be in terms of wealth, fashion, or being a professional, people are still people who are prone to jealousy.

Just like this anonymous story sender from the Facebook page, Trending and Viral Hub.

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The storyteller is a girl and she happened to come to a priest one day saying that she will no longer go to church. The priest asked why, the lady answered that while she is inside the church, she witnessed various sinful acts. These include people cursing somebody else, there are also pretentious ones, boastful and she even noticed people using their cellular phones while the mass is going on.

The priest answered her that before she could leave, he only has one task for her to complete. She should walk around the church for three times while carrying a glass full of water. The water on the glass should not be spilled even just one drop.

She successfully did the challenge and even thought that it was too easy.

Afterwards, the priest asked her if she noticed any of the negative acts she once said while she was doing the challenge. She said no to all. It was then that the priest pointed out the important learning behind the challenge.

A true Christian should focus only on God and not on the faulty things done by others. When we do so, we can also reach out a hand to them and at the same time concentrate on our path to the Lord.

Here is the story:

May isang babae na pumunta sa Pari at ang sabi “Father, Hindi na ako babalik sa church nyo. Ngunit Bakit naman?? tugon ng Pari, Eh! Kasi naman po Father may nakita ako sa loob ng Church nag nagdadaldalan at sinisiraan ang kapwa kapatid natin , may taong magpagkunwari, mayabang, maging ang Music Team Mali ang ginagawa, maraming tao na tumitingin sa Cellphone habang nasa Service at ang daming Mali na nakita ko sa Church Father. Sumagot ang Pari” Ok, pero Bago ka umalis , Pwede ba ako Maka hinge ng Pabor. Kumuha ka ng isang basong puno ng Tubig at umikot ka sa loob ng Church ng tatlong beses na walang matatapon na kahit isang tulo ng tubig. At pagkatapos Pwede kanang magpa alam. Sa isip-isip ng babae ” napakadali naman!!! At umikot nga ang babae ng tatlong beses sa Church. At nang siyay matapos sinabi , Father pwede na po ba akong umalis? Sinabi ng Pari, ” Bago po pala kayo umalis Pwede po paba ako magtanong uli? Nung palakad-lakad ka at inikot mo nang tatlong beses ang Church may nakita kabang nagdadaldalan, at sinisiraan ang kapwa kapatid? “Wala po. may nakita kabang mapagkunwari at mayabang? ” wala po. May nakita kabang music team na may maling ginagawa? Wala po. May nakita kabang gumagamit ng Cellphone habang nasa service? ” wala po. Alam mo kung Bakit? “Hindi po. Dahil naka fucos ka sa baso na may laman na tubig, dahan-dahan ka para Hindi ka matisod at para walang matapon. Tama!? Katulad din sa buhay natin bilang isang Kristiyano. Kung nakatuon lang ang ating paningin sa Panginoon, hinding-hindi tayo matitisod at wala tayong oras para tingnan ang Mali ng iba. We will reach out a helping hand to them and concentrate on our own walk with the Lord.