Woman decided to sell cheating husband on Facebook instead of “killing” him

Like we have mentioned before, the social media world can be a source of something bizarre and out of this world stories. From being too serious to just a plain old funny stuff, these are some of the reasons why social media is as popular as it is.

On that note, one woman decided to do something crazy as she tried to sell her cheating husband in the Facebook group called BENTAHAN NG MGA MOTOR 15K PABABA . BULACAN AREA and has immediately caught the attention of many netizens.

The cheating husband has a price of ₱2,400 and still negotiable, a very acceptable price if you base what kind of a husband he is according to the seller. The post was accompanied by the husband’s details from his his age, height and weight to mention a few.

However, the seller did warn the buyer about the STRICTLY NO RETURN policy and that bogus buyers should not reply on the “product” she was selling. Although the post can no longer be found on the said Facebook group, it did caught someone’s attention and decided to spread it on the internet.

This just might be a joke and should not be taken seriously, it should serve as a lesson to any man who are fund of cheating on their partners, because aside from getting an annulment, this is also one way to get rid of you.

Take a look of the hilarious ad below:

SOURCE: RachFeed