Woman finds a moving trash bag while driving, turns out to be a surprise that changed her life

When we see something strange it is best if you choose to ignore it for your own safety. This is more applicable when you are traveling via car and something weird appear right before our very eyes. “Curiosity killed the cat” they say, but one rider begs the differ for what she discovered really stole her heart away.

YouTube channel The Dodo posted a weird video featuring a mysterious moving trash bag.

Everyone would probably freak out when they see a moving trash bag just across the road

However, instead of ignoring the bag, one woman took the time to stop her car and pick it up


When she opened it up, she was then shocked when she found out that it was a puppy

As soon as I opened it up and he saw light, he just wagging his tail” – she said.

She then took the opportunity to take the little puppy home and take it in as a pet

According to the woman who rescued her, she was glad that she was at the right place at the right time.

It’s so rare nowadays to find someone with a good heart, most especially to those who are kind to animals and this woman is definitely one of these people.