Woman gets hospitalized after she accidentally “fell” on cucumber and it got stuck inside her

Lame excuses are often used by people in order to get away from a very embarrassing situation. Sometimes, these excuses are just too unbelievable and we can’t help but just laugh it out.

A 51-year-old woman from Bangkok, Thailand recently became trending after she was sent to the hospital for a very controversial reason. She was apparently suffering from vaginal pains because of a certain perpetrator – a cucumber.

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According to reports, after the Thai woman was rushed to a nearby hospital, she told doctors that she fell down and it happened that a cucumber was there and it simply slipped on  her private part.

Obviously, no one believed her.

This story may remind us of another incident where firefighters had a hard time when a man got his private part stuck on a barbel. They reportedly spent 3 hours freeing the man from his suffering. This recently happened in Germany.

The man openly admitted why he was stuck in the barbel, unlike this Thai women who managed to formulate an excuse. Only that she failed to fool anyone with her lame excuse.

In both cases, both the patients were unnamed to protect their privacy.

Both their stories are definitely one that they themselves won’t forget soon enough. It surely is the most embarrassing and humiliating deed they have ever done in their lives.

Anyway, do you believe that what happened to the Thai woman was really an accident? Could it be possible that she fell down and the cucumber was just right there waiting?

Source: Elite Readers