Woman immediately regrets after selling husband on Facebook

Some people say that being married is one of the best feelings you’ll ever experience your entire life, having to spend your lifetime with the person who made you feel love. There are also some who claim that being married means your party life is over.

That all aside, the main reason we marry someone is because we have that special connection with that person leading us to love them with all our hearts. However, no matter how much we love our partners sometimes they also get in to our nerves and tell them to go away because of anger.

Teresa and Rob Turner are common couple who had been married for years and know very well each other likes and dislikes. One of which is her hatred of someone who is chewing their food loudly.

Rob revealed that he found a video of someone chewing his food that way and kept on playing it right in front of her wife. The pissed off woman went upstairs and he later found out that he is already on sale on Facebook.

Unfortunately for Teresa, her post was a hit and instead of gaining some sympathy from other women who is going through the same thing, Teresa was instead flooded with offers to take Rob off her hands. Her husband also commented in her post saying: “Brilliant… Do I get my tea cooked too?”

A few hours later, Teresa then deleted the ad after her post backfired at her. Lucky for her though, because despite of all the offers, no one came over to their house to take Rob to his new home.

After all those shenanigans, Rob and Teresa are still happily married. All the same, Teresa had to be careful of what she wish for or else she’ll end up regretting it in the end.

SOURCE: BuzzFlare